As some of you requested this from us - a quick bondage tutorial! For this you’ll just need one length of rope and a sexy naked girlfriend / wife / mistress. Your rope needs to be quite long, at least ten meters.

1. Start by folding the rope in half, creating a loop. Put the loop over her head so that the ends of the rope hang down her front (you can’t quite see this in the photo, sorry). Make sure both ends of your rope are equal and aligned, as in you don’t have one end shorter than the other. Then, tie knots in the rope, starting just below the throat. Space your knots out by about a handspan, or slightly longer / shorter depending on how tall your model is (Tink is quite tall). You need about 4 knots in total, but more or less is also fine depending on what kind of look you want.

2. Get her to hold the bottom knot just above her pussy. It should hang a bit loose between here and the top knot under her throat - don’t worry, that’s how it’s supposed to be right now. Bring the ends of the rope between her legs and up her back, pulling it tight (make sure she’s still holding onto that front knot). Thread the ends through the loop you created around her neck so that the ends of the rope are now hanging down her back.

3. Separate the two ends of the rope. Bring one around each side of her, under her arms so that they pass just above her boobs and meet with the knotted rope running down her front. (She should still be holding that bottom knot in place for now!) Thread each end of the rope through the rope on the front, then pull it away from her body horizontally again. This will create the diamond shape you see on the front. Then, wrap both ends of the rope around the back again, following that same path over the top over her boobs and under her arms.

4. Once they meet in the middle of her back, simply cross them over and bring them back around the front again, this time a bit lower, underneath her boobs. Repeat the process of threading through the knotted rope at the front, following the path back under her boobs and around to her back. Cross at the back, bring around to the front a bit lower, and thread again. Repeat this for all of the spaces between the knots.

5. And voila! Finished.

6. To complete the ropework, finish with both ends of the rope meeting in the middle at the back, and tie in a bow. 

While you’re doing this, make sure you’re not pulling the rope too tight. It will cut into her skin and quickly become uncomfortable.

We love this piece of ropework because it looks really hot and shows off sexy curves and boobs. Unfortunately, it’s not a great piece of bondage for actual fucking, as her pussy is covered in that strip of rope and isn’t that easy to access. If she’s not wearing underwear (major lack of planning on our part, here!) it’s a bit easier as you can actually just pull that piece of rope aside, like you would with underwear, and fuck her. But having underwear AND rope in the way is very tricky. Still, it looks super sexy and once you’ve got this basic body harness in place, you can attach other ropes to it to for some more elaborate bondage - maybe tying to the bed or chair or table or anything else you want her bound helpless too. Or, you can just enjoy her body looking amazing wrapped in all that rope.

~ Rufio and Tink

As requested by bdsmgeek - a reblog of our previous bondage ‘How To’ guide.